Top tips for your Meal Prep Success

The saying "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail" stands true to many things, in particular when trying to eat healthily when there's already little or no time. In this post we'll share our Top tips (in no particular order) for your Meal Prep success.

Have the right tools: Above all else, you need to have utensils to cook anything, not any utensils, the correct ones. Know exactly what you are cooking and how you are going to cook it, then make a list of ingredients and head to the store and purchase them. Making a list will help you in the never-ending battle of wandering the aisles aimlessly and buying things you don't need or necessarily want.

Get just enough: Portion control is important, not only for eating the correct amount, but also for reducing waste. Sure there's specials everywhere "Buy 3 for R20.00" but do you NEED 3 butternuts? Probably not, so don't fall victim to your own cost-saving demise.

Where will you keep it?: Get the right containers and place the portions in the container, ready-to-heat. Keeping an entire container of rice in the fridge doesn't help for when the hunger pangs strike, "ag, one extra scoop won't hurt". Plus, we're saving time remember, you need to grab and go and having to still portion out your food in a rush will probably lead you to the sweet cupboard for the very things you've been trying to avoid.

Cook it just enough: Cooking for now and cooking for later is very tricky, there are many factors you need to take into account so you don't end up despising your perfectly succulent chicken breast. This is where food safety is of utmost importance, you can't eat chicken medium but you don't want it as dry as Dubai. Remember, your food still cooks when its off the stove and cooling down, so our method is to remove it from the stove and put it straight into a freezer to cool, DO NOT freeze it, just let it get to room temperature quicker. This method will stop the cooking process quicker and will lock in the juices.

Cook without additives: We know it's tough to avoid the special seasonings, but these contribute to the delays in reaching your goals just as much as eating the wrong food entirely. If you use fresh ingredients and the right cooking method, you shouldn't need extra salt or seasoning, albeit this may take some getting used to. In our opinion, natural foods have enough flavour to enjoy and reap the benefits of.

For peace of mind and convenience, use our NutriCrate app or online grocery store to get everything you need to prepare your meals: or search" Nutricrate" in your App Store.

Cheers for now!

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