Are you physically fit enough for Special Forces?

Let's face it, there's a certain admiration for the title of a "Special Forces Operator" and pretty much every country has them. They need no recognition for their services but when you see a man or woman in uniform, we can't help but wonder how many gruelling hours of continuous training they go through.

Apart from the mental fitness tests which admittedly may be even tougher than physical fitness, you're either made for it or you're not. In this post, we'll cover the basic fitness tests which you'd need to be competitive in, in order to make it past the first selection phase.

First up is a 500m swim, doing breaststroke only, in a fairly reasonable time of between 8 and 9 minutes. To put this into perspective, thats 20 lengths of the gym swimming pool or 10 lengths of an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Next, is a 2-minute push-up test, this is not for you to pace yourself, you need to do as many as you can with the correct form i.e your chest should be one fist away from the ground without any arching of your back. The minimum required push-ups are 42, but you'd likely only be considered if you can do a minimum of 100 push-ups in 2 minutes.

Of course, that's not all, following push-ups you'd need to be able sit-ups (not exactly our fortè, but we'll give it a shot), also a 2-minute test of at least 100 sit-ups.

Now this may seem fairly easy, but bearing in mind that you've just done three intense exercises, you need to be able to do 20 pull-ups with no time limit but you cannot let go of the bar or touch the ground.

Finally, to complete your basic fitness test, you would need to complete a 2.4km run in boots and combat pants in a mere time of 9 minutes.

So, do you think you have what it takes to pass this test? We're definitely going to try it out and maybe we'll even post a video of us powering our way through, or send us your challenge video!

Photo: US Army | Stock Image | 2017

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