Urban Agriponics by One Up™ is our managed hydroponic system, created to increase food security & our ability to control the environment in which our select produce is grown. It is a completely soil-free environment, grown in our specially formulated nutrient solution.

We have opted to grow our own produce for exclusive-use by Nutrifit Cafe so we have quality-assurance from "farm" to fork. Using a hydroponic system has many benefits, environmentally & economically, by reducing water-usage by 90% in comparison to conventional soil-grown produce. Soil-free also means limited pests or soil-borne diseases which may spoil a crop. We do not use any carcinogenic pesticides/herbicides when growing our produce, in turn making our products naturally healthier.

You can be rest-assured that our produce is only of the highest quality standards, and growing in our warehouses means we have completely removed any distribution costs, which means we do not have unnecessary or additional expenses to factor in when pricing our meals.

We believe the move to hydroponics is a sensible decision given our ever-changing economic climate, helping to future-proof our brand as a whole.

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