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Nutrifit Cafe is South Africa's number 1 meal-prep & food solutions company. We procure & produce the finest and freshest ingredients and prepare them with the utmost care according to strict control measures & deliver the product in record time.


"The most enduring and sustainable brands are built from passion, human spirit and constant leadership. We strive to lead by example and create leaders in every position. Knowing we're only as effective as our will to be and our being is because of our love for people and food."


Tailor-made catering solutions for any event, specialising in industrial & fast-service solutions. 


Custom meals made to specification, perfect for individuals & families who need healthier alternatives.


Have an office that needs healthy snacks & meals available 24/7? Rent a vending machine & we'll stock it daily.


Full canteen management & off-site monitoring solutions. 

Purchase wholesale nutritional supplements directly from the laboratory. Each product batch comes with an independently tested certificate of analysis from ISO accredited partners so you know exactly what is in your products. No fuss, No frills, just RAW Neutraceuticals


Growing our own herbs & vegetables is our passion, and gives us quality assurance knowing that our products are of the highest quality and picked right from our state-of-the-art facilities, reducing costs of distribution and storage.

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